Ex-i Series Non-armoured Gland

For use with non-armoured cable, Ex-i Series Non-armoured Glands are installed:

  • To form a weatherproof seal on the outer sheath of the cable

Download here the complete technical specifications

Protection Type Increased Safety
Gland Type Non-armoured
Cable Type Non-armoured
Sizes M12 to M32 (short thread); M12 to M63 (long thread)
Environmental Rating IP66
Standard Material High-impact resistant polyamide
Gland Nut Blue for intrinsically safe circuits


  • Standard material is high-impact resistant polyamide (gland nut is blue for intrinsically safe circuits)
  • Forms weatherproof seal on outer sheath of cable
  • Standard silicone seal suitable for use in operating temperatures -55° to 70°C (M12 and M16 for use in operating temperatures -20° to 70°C)
  • Available with metric threads